Tuesday, July 14, 2009

July 4th & Our Trip to Houston

Addie is growing and changing so much! Some of the fun things she is doing:
* She can now sit up in her bumbo and hold her head up!
*She is reaching for things and putting them in her mouth...her eye hand coordination has started to develop!
*She is rolling over from her tummy to her back
*She is sleeping 11 solid hours at night! Woo hoo!
*She weighs around 13.5 pounds
*She smiles so big when you make faces at her...she is becoming more and more interactive.
*She LOVES bath time!

Unfortunately she has caught her first cold. She has a lot of drainage and is coughing and sneezing a lot. It breaks my heart! I just want to make it go away! She hates it when we use the aspirator to suck out the drainage. She is still so happy even despite not feeling well. Her eyes are red and watery and she seems more tired than usual. Fortunately, she is still eating and sleeping well. The doctor says it could take 10-14 days to run its course. Boo! Please pray that our little sweetie will get to feeling better soon.

As for what we have been up to lately, I haven't blogged in a while...so here's our update....

Fourth of July!
God Bless America!
For the fourth of July, we went to a family gathering at Brandon's Papa's house in Mansfield. Papa loves babies and couldn't wait to get his hands on Addie!
Addie had fun seeing family and smiling for everyone. This is Brandon's Aunt Alicia.
When we got home we were pooped! Addie and I were hangin' out watching T.V. and Daddy snapped this shot. This is Addison's favorite way to be held now. She wants to face out and see what all is going on in the room.
I had to take this picture. Every day when Brandon gets home from work, I am usually cooking dinner. Addie sits in her bouncy seat or swing so that I can see her and I talk to her while I am cooking. When Brandon gets home, he gets right down in her eyesight and talks to her. She just smiles like this every day! She is so happy to see him. She knows his voice!

Last Minute Trip to Houston!

So, my Granny and Papa and Uncle Pete had planned to come see us last week for a few days. We got a call on Wednesday that my Papa wasn't feeling well enough to make the drive, so we decided we would pack up and go to Houston. We had a wonderful time! Addie did really great in the car for the first 3 hours. The last hour was a little hard on her, but overall, her first road trip went GREAT! This was when we first arrived and they all met Addie for the first time. My Granny and Papa were SO HAPPY to see her! Granny had dinner waiting on us and opted out of eating herself so she could give Addie her bottle. You could tell she has done this a million times! She was a natural! Granny held her like this as often as she could while we were there.
Papa just loved Addie. He held her so much while we were there. I have never seen him so playful. He would talk to Addie in the goofiest voice and she would just stare into his eyes. It was so neat to see her interacting with her great grandparents. One morning Addie was up really early, even before Papa. So I took her in to wake him up. Granny stuck her on his pillow right next to him and I rounded the corner and found this! So cute!

Addie loved Uncle Pete!

Addie enjoyed meeting Aunt Kristie and Uncle Chris! Aunt Kristie came over twice in one day to see her. Addie was so happy in her arms!

Granny and I gave Addison a bath in her kitchen sink. Granny told Addie about giving me a bath in that same sink 31 years ago!

This is my cousin Clayton. He was a natural holding her too!

On Friday we went to Auntie M's to spend the night! Stacey came over and introduced Addie to her son, Colt, who was born 3 days before Addison. He is much bigger than Addie. It was so fun to see them together! Stacey and I went to college together.

Auntie M enjoyed her time with Addie so much. We bathed her in the kitchen sink there too. Auntie M loves to snuggle Addie and spent lots of time lovin on her. We ordered in Italian food that night and had so much fun laughing and catching up with Micah and Carol!

Sadly, Daddy's vacation week had to come to an end. We had so much fun with him being off work! On Monday, I sent him a text at 9:00 to tell him we were missing him already. He wrote back that he was sad too! It was so much fun to be together 24/7 for 10 days straight. We have so much fun together! Thanks Brandon for a wonderful week full of memories that will last a lifetime!


Amanda said...

Wow! Now I see why you haven't posted in a while, you've been a busy, busy girl! Love the pics, Rylee and I miss ya'll! Hope Addie feels better soon!!!

Amy Mahrer said...

oh my goodness, she's so cute!!! And 11 hours of sleep, oh I'm jealous! Sending Addie lots of love and praying she feels better.

Skip and Cindy said...

What an amazing blog. I love your way of telling stories. Addie is getting cuter by the minute!

Love you guys,
Grandma Cece

Aubrey and Jen said...

she is looking more & more like Brandon everyday!:-) can't believe she's already sitting up in the bumbo...what a big girl!! glad y'all had a fun road trip & vacation!