Tuesday, July 28, 2009

First Injury!

Before I Start my story, I want to tell you all that I have decided to print this blog for Addie's baby book. It seems I do a better job of documenting her life on here than I have at writing in the book. So, I had to post this story of her first injury so it can go in her book! Love you all!

Let me start by PRAISING God for protecting Addie last night! She could have been badly hurt, and fortunately, it was just a bump! Last night Brandon was bringing her down the stairs and he slipped on the third to last step, losing his grip and falling down the rest of the way. I was in the kitchen cleaning up dinner and I heard the slip, and then I heard a terror in Brandon's voice that I have never heard before, as he said, "Help, Michelle!" I rounded the corner to find them down on the ceramic tile, but Addie was still safely cradled in his arms. He handed her to me and she started screaming crying. She continued to cry for about 2 minutes and was shaking so hard. I saw that Brandon had a huge gash that was bleeding in his elbow where he knocked the sharp part of the corner on the edge of our stairs. Addie had a bump in the side of her head, but no bleeding. It started to get puffy, but she seemed fine after just a few minutes. Brandon felt SO BAD! He just kept apologizing over and over...the whole scene made me cry...his love for her is just so incredible. I had to reassure him over and over that she was fine! We called our neighbor, Rhonda, who is a pediatric nurse. She wasn't home, but she told us to shine a flashlight in her eyes to check for pupil response. Everything was fine. She also told us to watch for lethargy, vomitting, runny nose, etc. Thank Heavens, nothing ever seemed abnormal the whole night. She also told us to keep her up for 2-3 hours and then once she went down to wake her every 3-4 hours and make eye contact with her to make sure she was responding. After we bathed her and Brandon rocked her for a much longer time than normal, we put her down. Then we called the dr. just to make sure we had done all the right things. (We TOTALLY trust Rhonda, but it just gave me peace of mind to call her doctor.) He basically repeated all of Rhonda's instructions, and also telling us to wake her throughout the night. He said with head trauma, you can never be too careful. So, we went to bed and set our alarm for every 3 hours to get up with her...It was so hard to wake her, but we were able to accomplish our goal. We got up together each time and tiptoed into her room to wake her. And.....She was fine! She has not acted any different, so things are good! PRAISE GOD! We just kept looking at his elbow, all scratched up and bleeding and thinking how lucky we were that this wasn't on her head.I told Addie how her Daddy saved her. Once again, my knight in shining armor protected our little princess from harm....amazing. Thank you God for keeping them both safe!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sunday School!

Today we took Addie to the nursery for the first time at church. We have been keeping her with us in the worship center and I am having to get up and go with her to the Mother's room a lot because she has recently become very vocal! Just like her momma, she likes to chat! So, we decided it was time to try it out. I had a much harder time than she did! She did great, no problems at all. I cried quite a bit through out the service. I just kept thinking, "No this isn't too bad...but what is rough is that in a matter of a few weeks, this is going to be my every day!" I am really struggling with my decision to go back to work. Will you join me in my prayer that I will make the right choice and that I will choose with little regret? My friend Carol reminded me yesterday that it's human to have some regret either way I choose. It's just the hardest decision I have EVER had to make! Here are a few pictures:

All ready for church before we left the house!This picture was taken with Brandon's phone so it's a little blury. This was Addie's Sunday School teacher Ms. Maria. She said Addie was so good! (Even though this was during her naptime!) She fell asleep as soon as we buckled her in her carseat. Learning about Jesus wore our pumpkin out!Last week we had a playdate with sweet Lexi. Lexi's mom, Kelly and I went to elementary school together. She was my BFF in second through fifth grade. We lost touch many years ago, but thanks to Facebook we have reconnected! We both grew up in the Houston area, and recently discovered we live about 30 min. apart. Her little girl is 8 months old and just the most precious little bundle of joy you have ever met! Addie had fun playing with her. So, you remember Addie's little friend Rylee? We have had playdates with Rylee almost every Thursday in the spring and summer. Rylee was born two weeks after Addie. Her mom is the teacher across the hall from me...You might remember our pregnant pictures back in March! Look at our two little sweeties now! (Her mommy likes bows too!) And just a few short months ago, look at the same two girls! They grow up so fast! My little sweetie has found her new favorite thing: Her hands! She loves to have them in her mouth any chance she gets!

This is my sweet friend Sharon. Sharon came to meet Addie. Unfortunately, Addie was in a grumpy mood, she was just coming off of her sickness. Sharon is such a precious friend to me! She has been there for me through so much!

Addie's other new favorite pasttime is watching TV. She will practically twist her head backwards to see the tv when it's on. I snapped this picture while she was watching The Next Food Network Star. She wants Melissa to win so Mommy can get new ideas for food to cook for her! (When she's a little bigger of course!)

Friday, July 17, 2009

A Tisket, a Tasket, Addie in a Basket....

Ok, so I have a little story! As you know, we have adorable bumper pads that my mother in law and her friend made for Addie. You'll notice we are not currently using those adorable bumper pads. Let me tell you why.....
It turns out that our little peanut is a very mobile sleeper. She still has to be swaddled to sleep...if we don't swaddle her, she will lay there awake forever! But even in that swaddle, girl can MOVE! She inchworms her way around the crib on her back by arching and straightening her back, using her legs to kick around. We have watched her on the video monitor...so stinkin' funny. So, she was getting up so close to the bumper pads that she would bury her face in the side. This scared us! We are such worry warts, but it just looked like a suffocation hazard. So, after talking to several friends and our pediatrician, we decided to remove the bumper pads temporarily. Well guess what that meant? She was bumping into the rail! Aughh!! Exactly why bumper pads were invented. It would make her so mad and rightfully so! She would wake up with red marks on her head from smacking into the rail in her sleep. So....we had an idea. What if we put a Moses basket in her crib? Only problem...we don't own a Moses basket! But our sweet friends Jen and Aubrey have one for their son Grady that weren't currently using. So, they let us borrow it and ever since we put that basket in her crib, she is so happy and sleeping so peacefully! We are thinking she just likes to be up close to something snuggly to go to sleep. So, for the time being, our sweet little girl is all snuggled up in Grady's blue Moses basket inside of her crib and it's so cute. I love looking at her in it! I tell her all the time that "This is what BLUE looks like," because many of you know the child has an awful lot of PINK in her life...so this is good! Thanks Jen and Aubrey for the loan! Thought you all might enjoy these pics.....
Here she is in the basket...but it's hard to see her until....You peek over the edge and see her sweet little face! Ps--Right now we have a foam pad in there elevating her head to help with her congestion. Isn't she precious!!?? :-) Happy Weekend!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

I love this man!

My mom found this picture on her computer the other day and I thought it would be fun to post on my blog. I have noticed that lots of you have wedding pics on your blogs! I love Brandon so much! He is my best friend, and can make me laugh like no one else. He works so hard to support our family. He is such an amazing dad and husband. I have loved every second of the 12 years we have been together. Love you babe! Looking forward to MANY more years together!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

July 4th & Our Trip to Houston

Addie is growing and changing so much! Some of the fun things she is doing:
* She can now sit up in her bumbo and hold her head up!
*She is reaching for things and putting them in her mouth...her eye hand coordination has started to develop!
*She is rolling over from her tummy to her back
*She is sleeping 11 solid hours at night! Woo hoo!
*She weighs around 13.5 pounds
*She smiles so big when you make faces at her...she is becoming more and more interactive.
*She LOVES bath time!

Unfortunately she has caught her first cold. She has a lot of drainage and is coughing and sneezing a lot. It breaks my heart! I just want to make it go away! She hates it when we use the aspirator to suck out the drainage. She is still so happy even despite not feeling well. Her eyes are red and watery and she seems more tired than usual. Fortunately, she is still eating and sleeping well. The doctor says it could take 10-14 days to run its course. Boo! Please pray that our little sweetie will get to feeling better soon.

As for what we have been up to lately, I haven't blogged in a while...so here's our update....

Fourth of July!
God Bless America!
For the fourth of July, we went to a family gathering at Brandon's Papa's house in Mansfield. Papa loves babies and couldn't wait to get his hands on Addie!
Addie had fun seeing family and smiling for everyone. This is Brandon's Aunt Alicia.
When we got home we were pooped! Addie and I were hangin' out watching T.V. and Daddy snapped this shot. This is Addison's favorite way to be held now. She wants to face out and see what all is going on in the room.
I had to take this picture. Every day when Brandon gets home from work, I am usually cooking dinner. Addie sits in her bouncy seat or swing so that I can see her and I talk to her while I am cooking. When Brandon gets home, he gets right down in her eyesight and talks to her. She just smiles like this every day! She is so happy to see him. She knows his voice!

Last Minute Trip to Houston!

So, my Granny and Papa and Uncle Pete had planned to come see us last week for a few days. We got a call on Wednesday that my Papa wasn't feeling well enough to make the drive, so we decided we would pack up and go to Houston. We had a wonderful time! Addie did really great in the car for the first 3 hours. The last hour was a little hard on her, but overall, her first road trip went GREAT! This was when we first arrived and they all met Addie for the first time. My Granny and Papa were SO HAPPY to see her! Granny had dinner waiting on us and opted out of eating herself so she could give Addie her bottle. You could tell she has done this a million times! She was a natural! Granny held her like this as often as she could while we were there.
Papa just loved Addie. He held her so much while we were there. I have never seen him so playful. He would talk to Addie in the goofiest voice and she would just stare into his eyes. It was so neat to see her interacting with her great grandparents. One morning Addie was up really early, even before Papa. So I took her in to wake him up. Granny stuck her on his pillow right next to him and I rounded the corner and found this! So cute!

Addie loved Uncle Pete!

Addie enjoyed meeting Aunt Kristie and Uncle Chris! Aunt Kristie came over twice in one day to see her. Addie was so happy in her arms!

Granny and I gave Addison a bath in her kitchen sink. Granny told Addie about giving me a bath in that same sink 31 years ago!

This is my cousin Clayton. He was a natural holding her too!

On Friday we went to Auntie M's to spend the night! Stacey came over and introduced Addie to her son, Colt, who was born 3 days before Addison. He is much bigger than Addie. It was so fun to see them together! Stacey and I went to college together.

Auntie M enjoyed her time with Addie so much. We bathed her in the kitchen sink there too. Auntie M loves to snuggle Addie and spent lots of time lovin on her. We ordered in Italian food that night and had so much fun laughing and catching up with Micah and Carol!

Sadly, Daddy's vacation week had to come to an end. We had so much fun with him being off work! On Monday, I sent him a text at 9:00 to tell him we were missing him already. He wrote back that he was sad too! It was so much fun to be together 24/7 for 10 days straight. We have so much fun together! Thanks Brandon for a wonderful week full of memories that will last a lifetime!