Monday, June 1, 2009

My Precious Baby

I truly cannot believe how blessed I am to call this baby girl mine. I am having so much fun being her mommy. Tonight we were getting her ready for her bath and I just stopped, breathed in her smell and humbly praised God. She is so precious. I love her sounds, her smiles, her smell, her skin....this list could go on forever. I get so excited when she wakes up from her naps because I get to go snuggle her again. I told her today that I missed her while she was asleep and Brandon said, "What? I missed her all day!" We had a fun day today. Our friend Kristen came to see us and we met Rylee and Amanda at the mall for some shopping.

I can't believe tomorrow is her 8 week doctor's appt. Where has the time gone? She officially doesn't fit in newborn clothes anymore. We have moved to all 0-3 months. Wow! She is really growing. I will post tomorrow with a doctor update. Some of our questions for the doctor are:

1. How much milk should she be taking in right now? Our guess is 4 oz.
2. Is it ok for her to fly later in June to go to Oregon? Our hope is YES!
3. When should she move to a 3.5 hour schedule?
4. Has he (the doctor) EVER seen a cuter baby girl? (hee hee ... couldn't resist.)

Please say a prayer for our little peanut, as she will be getting a few shots tomorrow. Let's pray she doesn't have a reaction and that the pain is so brief, it feels like a bad dream. I am thankful for modern vaccines that will protect her, but the needles going in my baby's thigh and potential reactions/fever all make me really anxious! Thank you for your prayers.


Skip and Cindy said...

I love these pictures, they are so good. Did you go to the doctor today or is it tomorrow?
Mom aka Cece

Darling Daughters said...

I'm interested in the 3.5 hour schedule answer. Post what he says! We're still doing 3 over here at 3 months b/c I didn't want to mess up a good rhythm! ha!

Addison said...

So very cute - her little girly outfits are always SOOOOOO precious on her :)