Monday, June 22, 2009

Fun Summer Days!

We have been enjoying our summer so much. Addie is growing and changing and doing so many fun things. She gets more and more fun every day. She is smiling , and has even rolled over a few times! She is almost out of 0-3 month clothes, which is so exciting b/c she has so many cute 3 month outfits in her closet, I can hardly wait!! Our exciting news of the week is that she slept 11 hours straight on Saturday night. Sunday night wasn't a repeat, but now that we know she can do it, we will continue to try for that solid 11 hours. We have started a bed time routine with her: bath, lotion, story time, Bible story time, prayers, snuggle time, and off to sleep. Here are a few pics of our pincess in her slumber...she is so sweet to watch when she's sleeping....

After her bath on Saturday night, I put this super sweet nightgown on her. She was kicking and moving so much that I couldn't get a picture that wasn't this was my best shot. Her Auntie M (Carol) gave me this the week I found out I was having a girl. I am so happy she can wear it now...I could hardly wait! It's the softest fabric you have ever touched. Addie loved it!We had a wonderful time celebrating Daddy for his first Father's Day! Addie gave him a photo collage for his desk at work, and some new shirts. I made him a video on Movie Maker of a bunch of shots of him and Addie together over the last 3 months. I used three songs: This Won't Last for Long by Darius Rucker, Bubbly, and Cinderella by Steven Curtis Chapman. He loved his day. We took him to lunch at Pei Wei after church. Brandon is an amazing DAD! He does so much for Addie and spends so much time loving her. It's been such a sweet time for me to watch them bonding. Addie definitely has him wrapped around her little finger. She lights up when he talks to her...he gets her to smile really big! Happy Fathers Day Brandon!This is last Sunday at church during worship time. Brandon holds Addison and she loves the music! She just looks around, and smiles really big. It's super cute.My sweet friend Lauren came to see us last week. It was such a treat! Lauren is expecting a baby girl in September. Addie loved her...can't you tell?
Ok, I just couldn't resist posting this picture....I think she's perfect even when she is spit-fire mad!
Another special time was last week when Addie got to meet her Great Aunt Pam, Great Aunt Neecie, and GreatGrandma, Mimi. These sweet ladies are on Brandon's dad's side of the family. Pam and Neecie are Morris' sisters and Mimi is his sweet Mom. We loved our time with them. Addie was so happy to get to spend time with them.

My mom's best friend, Suzette, who is like an aunt to me came and spent the night with us a few weeks ago. Suzette has been my mom's friend since before I was born...she was even there the day I was born! It was so special for her to meet Addie.


Lindsay said...

Yay for sleeping 11 hours straight! I'm sure that was bliss!

I'm glad Brandon had a great first Father's Day! Sounds like ya'll are staying busy and enjoying your summer. We need to meet up at the mall soon!

Jessica said...

Addie is beautiful and a huge blessing!!!

Thanks for keeping up with this blog. I makes me feel like I'm not so far away. Love you!!!