Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Addie's First Trip!

We had a wonderful time visiting my mom and skip (Grandma CeCe and Grandpa Skip) this past weekend. Aunt Hillie went with us and it was such a fun filled weekend! Addie was such a trooper with the plane rides, the time change, and her schedule getting all flopped around. She was a dream! Here are a few pictures from our trip!

This was on the plane ride there, that is a big yawn from my little sweetie, just before she went to sleep for almost the entire flight!

This was when grandma first saw Addie....She didn't even know I was snapping this picture...I think her face says it all!
Grandpa Skip loved snuggle time with Addie...We enjoyed temps in the 60's and 70's, so Addie had to wear long sleeve pj's! What a switch! I am always worried about her overheating at home!

Aunt Hillie was such a FUN travel Assistant! Thanks for going with us! Addie loves you!!
We were doing a little shopping and Mom found a chair in the back where she rocked Addie to sleep...

On Saturday we went to the coast and ate at a yummy restaurant called Moe's on the water.

This is Addie's first trip to the beach! It was so cold and windy, her stroller cover never opened. But she had a great time!! Ha ha!

Hillary and I couldn't stand going to the beach and not sinking our feet into the warm sand for a minute....

We went to church with Mom and Skip on Sunday....they had a lot of fun showing her off to all of their friends.

Addie got a new dress for church...I think she is so cute in blue. :-)We ate lots of yummy food, enjoyed great company, and played HARD! At the end of the weekend, we looked up and saw Addie in the swing like this....all of our sentiments EXACTLY! We were pooped! It was a great time! Thanks Mom and Skip for such fun memories.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Bath Time

This week while we were at my Mom and Skip's in Oregon, we gave Addie her baths in the kitchen sink. More to come about our fun trip, but these pictures were so much fun, I just had to share! :-)

Monday, June 22, 2009

Fun Summer Days!

We have been enjoying our summer so much. Addie is growing and changing and doing so many fun things. She gets more and more fun every day. She is smiling , and has even rolled over a few times! She is almost out of 0-3 month clothes, which is so exciting b/c she has so many cute 3 month outfits in her closet, I can hardly wait!! Our exciting news of the week is that she slept 11 hours straight on Saturday night. Sunday night wasn't a repeat, but now that we know she can do it, we will continue to try for that solid 11 hours. We have started a bed time routine with her: bath, lotion, story time, Bible story time, prayers, snuggle time, and off to sleep. Here are a few pics of our pincess in her slumber...she is so sweet to watch when she's sleeping....

After her bath on Saturday night, I put this super sweet nightgown on her. She was kicking and moving so much that I couldn't get a picture that wasn't blurry...so this was my best shot. Her Auntie M (Carol) gave me this the week I found out I was having a girl. I am so happy she can wear it now...I could hardly wait! It's the softest fabric you have ever touched. Addie loved it!We had a wonderful time celebrating Daddy for his first Father's Day! Addie gave him a photo collage for his desk at work, and some new shirts. I made him a video on Movie Maker of a bunch of shots of him and Addie together over the last 3 months. I used three songs: This Won't Last for Long by Darius Rucker, Bubbly, and Cinderella by Steven Curtis Chapman. He loved his day. We took him to lunch at Pei Wei after church. Brandon is an amazing DAD! He does so much for Addie and spends so much time loving her. It's been such a sweet time for me to watch them bonding. Addie definitely has him wrapped around her little finger. She lights up when he talks to her...he gets her to smile really big! Happy Fathers Day Brandon!This is last Sunday at church during worship time. Brandon holds Addison and she loves the music! She just looks around, and smiles really big. It's super cute.My sweet friend Lauren came to see us last week. It was such a treat! Lauren is expecting a baby girl in September. Addie loved her...can't you tell?
Ok, I just couldn't resist posting this picture....I think she's perfect even when she is spit-fire mad!
Another special time was last week when Addie got to meet her Great Aunt Pam, Great Aunt Neecie, and GreatGrandma, Mimi. These sweet ladies are on Brandon's dad's side of the family. Pam and Neecie are Morris' sisters and Mimi is his sweet Mom. We loved our time with them. Addie was so happy to get to spend time with them.

My mom's best friend, Suzette, who is like an aunt to me came and spent the night with us a few weeks ago. Suzette has been my mom's friend since before I was born...she was even there the day I was born! It was so special for her to meet Addie.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Just Like the Mailman...

So, last night we had some pretty bad storms in our area. I was preparing dinner for my friend Amy that I teach with. She just had a baby last week and I wanted to take them dinner. After having meals brought to us when Addison was born, I have come to realize just how BIG of a blessing it is to have a warm dinner brought to your doorstep during those first few weeks home. So, come whatever may, I was not about to cancel on them. I was determined (no matter what storm was a-comin,) to bring them spaghetti and meatballs! Just as I was getting ready to leave, it seemed to be getting really dark out. Addie was asleep and I told Brandon I was just going to run over, drop off the food, and I would be back to feed Addie. It was just about time for her to wake up from her nap. So off I went. I am not kidding, in the 2 minutes it took me to drive from our house to their house, I went from clear skies over head into what seemed like a black umbrella hovering over. As I passed by my school, the wind started to swirl and the rain started pelting my car. It was as if I was driving right into the eye of the storm! Just as I rounded the corner to her house, the sirens started sounding...YES, the tornado sirens!! I freaked out! I got to Amy's house, left the food in the car and ran for the door! As soon as she opened it I shouted, "we need to take cover! now!!!" So Amy, baby Ben, myself, and their two huge dogs headed into the master closet. Just about then, the power went out! Her husband was like, "I will go get the food!" I told him not to worry about it, but he went out there to get it, brave soul! Sirens blaring! Guess he was excited about dinner. So as soon as we got in the closet I called Brandon and said, "Get my baby and take cover!!" He didn't even know the sirens were going off. He was like, "ok Michelle, just chill out." Needless to say I was doing anything but chilling out. To wrap this up, I rode out the 10 min. intensity of the storm and then headed on home in the pouring rain. When I got home, the rain had pretty much stopped, and I came running in looking for the two loves of my life......and this is what I found:

There was my Knight in Shining armor, feeding my precious princess her bottle...in the safest spot in our home...our downstairs bathroom. How sweet is that? My favorite part of the story, when I told Hillary about what had happened she said, "Girl, when it comes to taking dinner to friends, you are like the MAILMAN!" Ha ha.

Thank you God for protecting our family during such a scary storm.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Busy Weekend!

We spent our day on Saturday in Grand Prairie for Ryan's graduation celebration! We are all so proud my brother Ryan. He graduated from High School Saturday. He is such a smart kid and so polite and thoughtful. He loves little Addie and was excited to see her. This is the new dress she got for his party. Here is Addie with Uncle Ryan. (He got out of the pool so I could snap a shot of him holding her.)

My dad and Julie (Bubee and Popee) had so much fun showing off their granddaughter to all of their friends. It was really fun to watch them! Brandon or I hardly held her at all the whole time...we just enjoyed a slow, leisurely dinner while she hung with her grandparents. It was great fun!
Sunday we took Addie to church for the first time. Here she is all dolled up in her church dress. She did great!
On the way into church...it was so bright, she had to wear her shades!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Baby Girl goes to the Doctor!

Our Doctor's Appt. went so well! Addie is 11 pounds! Up 2 pounds from a month ago. She is measuring 22 inches long. She is in the 50th percentile for weight, length, and head size. The doctor kept saying he was really happy with her progress. He said she is very healthy! She received her shots, which were combined into only 2 actual shots. She was upset for a minute, but was over it as quickly as it started. I just held her tight and she cried for no more than a couple of minutes. Then she just wanted to sleep in my arms. So sweet! I didn't want to put her down. They also gave her an oral vaccine, which was a jelly like stuff that she ate. The nurse said some babies like it and some don't...well Addie smacked her lips and loved it...I think she was sad when it was all gone. :-) Thank you for your prayers for the shots! She had no reactions that night and never ran fever. You would have never even known she had vaccines that day. Here are a few pics from our doctor visit. We feel so blessed!!! Love to you all!

Monday, June 1, 2009

My Precious Baby

I truly cannot believe how blessed I am to call this baby girl mine. I am having so much fun being her mommy. Tonight we were getting her ready for her bath and I just stopped, breathed in her smell and humbly praised God. She is so precious. I love her sounds, her smiles, her smell, her skin....this list could go on forever. I get so excited when she wakes up from her naps because I get to go snuggle her again. I told her today that I missed her while she was asleep and Brandon said, "What? I missed her all day!" We had a fun day today. Our friend Kristen came to see us and we met Rylee and Amanda at the mall for some shopping.

I can't believe tomorrow is her 8 week doctor's appt. Where has the time gone? She officially doesn't fit in newborn clothes anymore. We have moved to all 0-3 months. Wow! She is really growing. I will post tomorrow with a doctor update. Some of our questions for the doctor are:

1. How much milk should she be taking in right now? Our guess is 4 oz.
2. Is it ok for her to fly later in June to go to Oregon? Our hope is YES!
3. When should she move to a 3.5 hour schedule?
4. Has he (the doctor) EVER seen a cuter baby girl? (hee hee ... couldn't resist.)

Please say a prayer for our little peanut, as she will be getting a few shots tomorrow. Let's pray she doesn't have a reaction and that the pain is so brief, it feels like a bad dream. I am thankful for modern vaccines that will protect her, but the needles going in my baby's thigh and potential reactions/fever all make me really anxious! Thank you for your prayers.