Monday, May 18, 2009

Busy Bee Addie B :-)

We have been so busy over the last few weeks! Addie is growing and changing every single day. We have had lots of playdates and lots of fashion shows. We are getting closer to the 8 week mark when we can start taking her out in public (as per our Dr.). So, here are some pictures of our big 6 WEEK OLD having fun with Mommy and friends.....Love to you all! Mommy thought this outfit was so cute! This is my friend Claire. She is 12 weeks old. Her mommy is the speech teacher at mommy's school.
This is my BFF Riley. We were born 2 weeks apart and we hang out every Thursday. Her mommy teaches across the hall from my mommy.
This was a cute dress mommy put me in.

On Friday I got to meet my Granny Sue and Papa Glen from Kansas. (Right before they showed up I had a blowout and ruined my this was outfit number 2 for the day!!)

Not such a big fan of tummy time just yet, but Mommy keeps trying!

I am starting to smile! Pretty in pink!

These are mommy's two wonderful teammates from school, Chani and Tonya. They LOVE Addie B and get so excited to come hold her. These are two of the most fun and sweet people you will ever meet!!
Everyone says I look like Daddy...Mommy is holding out hope that I will look a little bit like her. But even if I don't we think Daddy is pretty cute, so we'll be ok.

This is my sweet neighbor friend, Lizzy. Lizzy always says, "Baby, Baby!!!"

This is my boyfriend, Grady Mac. He is so much fun to play with!

At one of Mommy's showers, everyone wrote on diapers to encourage us as we have late night changings. (Great idea Auntie Hilly!!) I liked this says Mommy, I love you. Love, Addie

One of Mommy's students, Caydee gave me this cute outfit.

This is my other boyfriend, Luke. He was born 1 week before me. We go to church with Luke. He likes to hold my hand. :-)

On Sunday, Daddy got me dressed to take me on a walk. This is what he put me in. So cute!

Saturday night I met my friends Ansley, Ella, and Ava. When we went to Fellowship, we were in Hometeams with their parents. We LOVE these little girls so much!!!!

Saturday Uncle Thomas held me for the first time. He was nervous when I was really little, but he was a pro holding me. I love him!


Amanda said...

I love the pink leopard outfit, too cute! Rylee isn't a big fan of tummy time either yet, but we're working on it. We can't wait to see ya'll again on Thursday!

Darling Daughters said...

Yay for smiling! Smiling's my favorite!

Skip and Cindy said...

Oh my baby girl,
You have such a busy life just like your mommy. You have already made so many friends, I am amazed, but I don't know about this boyfriend thing, we might need to put a stop to this hand holding for now.
I Love You So Much,
Grandma CeCe

hillarylaird said...

You think I'm busy...Addie has me beat! She's workin' on having as many friends as her mommy! She is precious as always and I love her little smile! Hopefully I'll get to see you soon Addie B. Love you and miss you!!