Thursday, April 30, 2009

Sneak Peek!

The picture above is a sneak peek at the photo on the birth announcements! They will not look anything like the scrapblog I created for our new header, but the photo will be used in them. Our friend Brittany took some fabulous pictures of our little angel! This is just one of them. I love it! She was wearing a cute little pink tutu. I will post more of the photo session soon!

We have hit a little road block. Addie has been a bit fussy in the evenings, especially at bed time. We are not sure what is going on. It's almost like she has found her voice and has realized how stressed Mommy and Daddy get when she cries. :-( She can sense that we are heart broken and want more than anything to comfort her, but how? We are listening to her cry right now as she lays in her bassinet in our room trying to go down for a nap before we feed her at 9:30. One of the things I read is that sometimes you just need to go hold them for a minute to remind them of how much you love them. So...I went in, held her for a few minutes, she calmed, and then I laid her back down. Now she is crying again. It's so sad! Any suggestions from experienced moms and dads out there? We would love any advice you have to offer. She doesn't do this all day when I put her down for her's just in the evenings. Poor baby. She breaks my heart!


Darling Daughters said...

Hi! If you google this, I think you will read that it is very common for babies to be fussy in the evenings. Yay that you haven't experienced this so far! That is a positive! I have heard that it is common because of the overload of stimuli from the day. I have also heard that the bowels are more active in the evening. We found with our first that she was just overtired and needed an extra nap in the evening. We also developed a method we called "swing it out." We would put her in a dark room in her swing with white noise. She would calm down and almost always fall asleep. We'd ask each other, "Is it time for her to swing it out?" Don't worry. This too shall pass! :) You're doing great!

Alyson said...

I don't know any solutions for you, but I'll pray!! LOVE the pictures of her!!!

ps--of course you can be tagged!! I officially tag you!! What are your 8s???

hillarylaird said...

I don't have any suggestions, but she sure is CUTE!!!!!

Lindsay said...

Ahh, this so reminds me of Logan! He would just cry for no apparent reason quite a bit in the evenings. I promise you, it's completely normal! Sometimes there isn't much you can do but just hang in there. I know this doesn't help you right now, but it will get better/easier. We gave Logan Mylicon drops for gas and it seemed to calm him down at night. (Or you can buy the generic brand at Target for a third of the cost.) Logan also lived (ok not lived, but took every nap) in those Swaddle Sacks. He couldn't sleep without being swaddled, his paci, & a great lullaby CD that he still listens to. He was high maintenance, but it worked! I know it's hard, but this will pass, just hang in there.

Her picture is just precious! I love the bow & tutu!

Brunson Family said...

Macie had this too, the unexplainable phenomenon otherwise known as "colic" It started about 4 or 5 weeks and lasted until about 10-11 weeks. She would be fine all day long and then sometime between the hours of 8 and 10 (or the entire two hours)she would get fussy and there was nothing we could do. Which is horrible because you feel so helpless and you want to do something for them. She would spit up also but we found out that the two were unrelated. Don't worry, it will pass just hang in there before you know it, it will be a distant memory!

Aubrey and Jen said...


TOTALLY normal! Most babies are fussy in the evenings...Grady was at that age! I know it's heart-breaking when you can't console her! White noise was our best friend...the hair dryer worked every time!:-)