Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Addie B Update

Time for an update! We are loving our little baby girl so much! Addie is doing so well. She is growing and changing every day. I am amazed at her beautiful little face and love learning about her more and more every day. We had a great week last week with Grandma Cece and we are enjoying our time this week with Auntie M. She loves to grunt...it's really cute. She doesn't cry a lot, but she "talks" and grunts often. I am still in awe that we get to keep her. She is amazing. Our favorite time of day is when Daddy gets home. He gets so excited to see her each day. Here are a few pics of our little sweetie.... She stretches really big like this when we take her out of her swaddle. This is our precious little Kaden holding her for the first time. So sweet!

Mama's been makin' bows!!

Addie loves her swing!
I think you can see how she's changing in this picture. She even opened her eyes!


Alyson said...

So glad for updated pictures!!! She's getting cuter and cuter!!!

Sharon said...

I think you leave me no choice but to invite myself over and come hold her. She is just toooooooooo cute:)hehe

Steve and Cristie said...

She is precious!

Jolene Renee said...

I can't believe we haven't seen her yet!!! Perhaps next weekend? pete is gone this one. She is sooo cute! :)