Sunday, February 15, 2009

Little Bitty Laundry!

Yesterday we went through some of Addie's things and did a couple of loads of her teeny tiny laundry. I have never had so much fun folding clothes! Everything is so tiny! I thought it all looked so cute in the chair ready to go up to her room. Sophie sure loves her socks. There are 2 socks already lost from their match. hee hee.


Ava's Adventures said...

Michelle, I'm answering your comment: 2/24 - the ticker that counts down to Claire's birthday is counting down to the induction date

Brunson Family said...

How cute! There will be many more loads to do, it's amazing they are so little but produce so much laundry! Most Macie's bows are from kid to kid or eBay. I got 16 new crochet bands for $8 from some store on eBay!