Friday, February 20, 2009

Bedding Update!

At the shower this weekend, my mother in law and her friend Willie gave me the quilt for Addie's room. I also got a sneak peak at the bumper pads. Sooooooooooooo cute! I couldn't wait to post this picture of the quilt. I LOVE it!!

The back side is zebra print. It is soooooooooooo soft! I want this on my bed!

Showers of Blessings

We had a baby shower on Sunday of last weekend. My sweet mother in law and sister in law threw a great shower for Addie and me. It was a wonderful time! Here are a few pictures from the party.

These are two of the sweetest ladies you will ever meet! I am so lucky they are my family! Vivian (Nana) is on the left and Aunt Lindsey is on the right.Zeta Pose! Left to right, Michelle, Leanne, me, Wendy, & Stephanie. It was great to see you girls!

Notice the cute little girl! This is Brandon's little cousin Maddie. We just love her! Vivian set up the cute clothes line in the window. Addie got to keep all of the clothes!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Little Bitty Laundry!

Yesterday we went through some of Addie's things and did a couple of loads of her teeny tiny laundry. I have never had so much fun folding clothes! Everything is so tiny! I thought it all looked so cute in the chair ready to go up to her room. Sophie sure loves her socks. There are 2 socks already lost from their match. hee hee.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Couples' Shower

This past weekend we had a couples shower hosted for us at Blue Mesa Grill. Our friends that hosted it are: Jeremy, Renee, Jessica, Aaron, Lina, Carlos, Tim, Melissa, Gavin, Evone, and Jessica and Marcus. It was so much fun! They made adorable centerpieces out of socks and bottles and pacifiers. They also had a diaper cake that was so cute! Every detail was amazing. The food was so delicious too! We had a great time. We feel so blessed by the love we have been shown! These are a few pictures I had on my camera.

Amy Ciecka made us this adorable pail and filled it up with essentials for baby!

Chelsea, Me, Renee

Chip and Christy

Aaron & Jessica

Aunt Hillary and Aunt Jess

Enjoying the yummy Mexican food!

Gavin & Evone

Grandpa & Grandma (Grammie?)

Auntie M and Mr. Micah

Fabulous new Petunia Pickle Bottom Diaper Bag (from Auntie M and Mr. Micah)

32 Week Belly Shot :-)

Today we are 32 weeks pregnant! 8 months! So hard to believe! What's crazy is that we still have 7 more weeks to just confirms the reality that pregnancy is more like 10 months than 9! Here is a belly shot taken tonight.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Addison on the Wall!

Brandon finished painting her letters last night! He painted this brown rectangle shape on the wall and put the letters inside of it. I love it! It's all coming together! 31 weeks today! I am so anxious to meet her!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

A few last pictures....

I was so excited to get these pictures because there are some really good ones. I wanted to post these for you guys to see too!

Our fabulous party hosts/hostesses

Grandma CeCe and Grandpa Skip

Uncle Jason and Auntie Nat, came in from Dallas to host the shower for us! So sweet!

Great Granny and Great Papa!

Auntie Hillary flew in from Dallas to be at Addie's shower! What a sweet friend!

Ahhh...Zeta! Ahhh...Tau! Ahhhh.....Alpha! This is Carol, me, Missy, and Stacey. I love my Zeta girls!