Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Shower Photos!

Here are a couple of photos from our baby shower that I was able to upload! These are from my mom's camera. Thanks for sharing Mom! I am waiting on a few more from my friend Corey. There is a great picture of all of the hosts/hostesses that I really want to post too!

This is my best friend Carol. We became friends in college. We have been friends for a long time! She was the maid of honor in my wedding! She's been there for me through thick and thin! It was her house where the shower was located.

My sweet friend Corey that I went to high school with was also in my wedding. She is a wonderful friend and we have kept our friendship going through the years! She was one of the hostesses at the party. She just had her second baby girl, Gracie and this is a picture of me holding her. Isn't she sweet?

This is a picture of the guys hangin' on the patio eating dinner. From the left, Micah, Jason (our fabulous MALE hosts!) Brandon, and Jake (Nathan and Stacey's PRECIOUS little boy!)

These are two of my girlfriends from highschool, Christy (who is pregnant with a little boy, Tyler) and Corey (this is Gracie's mommy). Notice the table decorations!!! These were the adorable jars filled with all kinds of pink candies I was talking about in my last post! And the candleabra, and the pink table cloth! So cute!

My stepdad, Skip has a very sweet family! These are his sisters, nieces, mom, and aunt. It meant so much to us that they came to share our special day with us!

When we opened our gifts, our friends' kids, Luke, Jake, and Baylie helped us! It was so cute and sweet. They would help us pick out which one to open next and then help us open them. Gift opening is so much fun with kids!


Steve and Cristie said...

Michelle, it was so so good to see you and your mom after all these years! I am so excited for you! I hope we can stay in touch! You are absolutely beautiful and you will make an amazing mom very soon!

Ava's Adventures said...

I love that picture of you holding Gracie!! You look so beautiful, and such a natural with a baby in your arms!