Saturday, January 3, 2009


Our doctor recommended that we start looking for a pediatrician so that we already have one when we have Addie. Please help! I am printing a list for him to see if he knows any of the doctors on our insurance. Do any of you have a pediatrician that you love in this area? Thanks for any help/advice you can offer!


Ronni said...

Well pretty much everyone I know uses one of the doctors at Centennial Pediatrics (214-389-8801 or

We use Dr Nail, Dr Guetersloh ("Dr G") and Dr Newton I've heard are really good too. The only thing I don't like is that they are extremely busy. You have to book your well baby checkups months in advance - but I've always been able to get in for a sick visit on the same day when needed. They do have a nurses line that you can call and ask whatever questions you want and I've really enjoyed having that as a first time parent.

Ava's Adventures said...

Ditto with the comment by Ronni... My friends and I all use Dr. G. I started out with Dr. Nail and left him. Rather than leaving the practice, I went with some of my friends' advice and switched to Dr. G. We have been very happy with him. I can tell you more about why we changed sometime at work. Just catch me. :)

Tracy Free said...

We use Dr. Leon. at Plano Presby. I have always loved her. soft spoken kind and a strong christian. I know my boys are older but my cousin uses her and she has a 13 month old and loves her. By the way WOW what a room Can Brandon come and do my bedroom I want the same thing. SO jealous!!! Happy New Year!!!!