Tuesday, December 16, 2008

"Blessed Belly" and Cutest Baby Shower Invite EVER!

My friend Hillary gave me this adorable shirt for Christmas that says "Blessed Belly." I love it! I truly feel so blessed to be pregnant. I am so in love with Addison! I love feeling her move all around. My favorite moment last week was when the middle school orchestra came and played Christmas carols. As soon as the quiet gym came alive with the sound of "Sleigh Ride," my sweet Addie started moving all around! It was amazing! Maybe she will be musical. I sat and daydreamed about her throughout the whole performance.
The highlight of TODAY is that I received my first baby shower invitation in the mail!!! It came from Addie's Auntie M (Carol) in Houston. I must say that it is the most precious invitation I have ever seen! It's Pink, Green, Black and White. The wording on the invitation says:
For napping and playtime
And bathing and feeding
There are so many new things
The HARMON'S will need!
Let's get together and shower the parents to be
Soon Addison Berkley will complete this family of three!
A Casual Affair Honoring Brandon and Michelle Harmon
How CUTE is that??!!! I squealed for about 30 minutes with excitement upon it's arrival in the mailbox! Carol, Micah, Natalie, Jason, Corey, Parker, Chris and Kristie are hosting this party for us and Addie in Houston! We are so excited! I can't BELIEVE it's really our baby shower! So much to look forward to!!
Here are new baby bump pictures! In two days we will be 6 months pregnant! :-) So much fun!


Lindsay said...

You look so cute!

Ava's Adventures said...

It is truly amazing what one little person needs. Have you registered anywhere yet? So exciting!

Alyson said...

So exciting!!! You look adorable in that shirt--and the shower invite sounds so cute!! I'm so excited for you, sweet friend. Can't wait to meet Miss Addie!